Waterproof Silicone Wrist Seals Bottle Neck

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The Waterproof Silicone Bottleneck Wrist Seal is a slimline wrist seal with a more streamlined bottleneck shape. This seal is more suited for use with the Waterproof Antares Dry Glove System and works to make the fit of the seal more comfortable on the wrist. The bottleneck shape means that the seal is more streamline on the wrist to allow for a better seal for the dry glove and also allowing more space for the inner dry glove. The Bottleneck Wrist Seals comes as a pair.

The Waterproof Silicone Bottleneck Wrist Seal is perfect for divers who are looking for a more streamlined design in their wrist seal with great comfort. This seal is more suited for the equally streamline Waterproof Antares Dry Glove System and would be best suited for divers who want a seal to be effective while feeling like a natural component of their suit.

Waterproof Silicone Bottleneck Wrist Seal Features:

  • Streamline — The bottleneck shape of the seal is streamline and creates a larger sealing area on the wrists

  • Comfortable — The slim design means that the seal is more comfortable on the wrist and more in tune with your suit

  • Extra Space — Because of the longer design, there is more space inside of the seal for the inner dry glove

Waterproof Silicone Bottleneck Wrist Seal Sizes

Available in two Sizes:

  • Standard Armseal bottleneck (Si-Tech)

  • Small Armseal bottleneck (Si-Tech)

Friendly advice regarding the usage of Silicone Seals from Waterproof

Waterproof's Silicone Seals are revolutionising drysuit diving. They have superior resistance against heat, ozone, sun, aging and chemicals, but still require care.


Yes, they stretch more than latex, and it is fun to show friends how amazing they are, BUT all material has a limit when it can rip or tear — so can your Silicone Seals. Just because you can stretch them does not mean you should. You only have to stretch it over your head, or hand, no need to include your whole family.


The Silicone Seals do well on abrasion tests but can be damaged when impacted or when the seals come in contact with sharp edges. Please be careful with nails, rings, earrings and other sharp objects. Also, take care to avoid dropping lead weights or tanks on them and avoid stepping on the seals.

Ripped Seals:

Issues with ripped seals can appear due to sharp edges on the ring systems. This is mostly related to worn-out rings or carelessly polished moulds. Please be sure that the ring systems you use to mount the seals have smooth edges, if not, sand and polish the edges for your own benefit.

Trimming Seals:

Make sure you use sharp scissors. The easiest way to achieve an even trim line is to make long cuts with the scissors. Rounded waves on the edge are OK, however, the "knicks" or "jagged" edges should be avoided. A cut in the edge will cause the Silicone Seal to rip easily.


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