KUBI Dry Glove System c/w 90mm Ring Gloves

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The Kubi Dry Glove System's innovative design lets you fit a ring system to your drysuit directly over your existing wrist seal without needing glue or tape.

The detachable gloves can be easily changed, allowing for on-site repairs, and a choice of thermal gloves to go inside allows you to tailor your thermal protection to your environment.

A system uses aluminium rings, which are extremely strong but light. The rings and gloves are available in four different ring and glove sizes.

What size Kubi system do I need?

Kubi Dry Glove Systems are sized using the smallest aluminium ring on the glove side, which your hand will fit through.

Measure your hand passing through a hole sized 70mm, 80mm, 90mm or 100mm.

What size dry glove do I need?

This depends on how thick your thermal glove would be. As a rough guide, measure the width of your palm.

The figures below will give a tight fit suitable if you use the thin Kubi Thermal Gloves included with the set.

  • 85mm palm - size M
  • 90mm palm - size L
  • 95mm palm - size XL
  • 100m palm - size 2XL

Kubi Dry Glove System includes

  • Kubi Rings system
  • O-rings as required
  • Pre-fitted Standard 1.6mm Latex Dry Gloves
  • Standard Thermal Gloves
  • Kubi Carry Case

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Scott Munday (Grimsby, GB)
Kubi dry gloves and junior snorkel set

Highly recommended, they had the dry gloves I wanted in stock for the best price and a very nice snorkel set for my son. Very fast shipping. Definitely will shop here

KUBI Dry Glove System c/w 90mm Ring Gloves KUBI Dry Glove System c/w 90mm Ring Gloves - waterworldsports.co.uk