Fourth Element RF1 (1 Piece) Freedive Suit 3/2mm (Womens)

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The RF1 Women's Freedive Wetsuit is designed for warm water recreational freediving. This 3mm suit is easy to don, yet effectively sealed by Smoothskin seals at the wrists, ankles and neck.

A 'black-out' zipper and robust inner linings ensure that this women's freedive wetsuit is more versatile than open cell suits, but water ingress is minimised. The outer back panel is made from a durable skin that absorbs the suns heat and deflects wind chill, keeping you warmer for longer.

Glideskin panels over the shoulders and along the legs give excellent stretch, improving fit and hydrodynamics, while subtle knee protection and more durable linings elsewhere ensure that this women's freedive suit is practical for freediving in many environments.

Combined with the RF vest to enhance thermal protection. This creates 6mm on the critical torso area and 3mm protection for the head, keeping suit flush to a minimum without adding restrictive bulk.

Key Features:

  • Women's freedive wetsuit designed for warmer water
  • Limestone neoprene made using recycled rubber
  • Chemical-free glue
  • Dope-dyed yarn
  • 3/2mm considered thickness for warmth
  • Designed for simple donning and doffing
  • Smoothskin seals on cuffs and ankles
  • Glued and blindstitched throughout
  • Shaped low profile back neck closure
  • Glideskin shoulders and side panels

Fabric & Care:

  • Dope Dyed Black 90% Neoprene / 10% Nylon
  • Hand wash suit and zip in clean, cool water after each use.
  • Hang to dry out of direct sunlight.


  • Standard wetsuit fit


The innovative construction of the double neck system means water flush through the suit is dramatically reduced, keeping you warmer for longer. The inner Hydrolock neck seal sits in lower profile to the outer neck seal, allowing two seals to be created against the skin. The back zip is a Blackout zip, with reshaped teeth pieces that eliminate gaps and stop water running through.


This suit has been tried and tested by some of our most adventurous freedivers. The outer panels have been carefully considered to minimise damage when taking the suit on and off, with the more delicate Smoothskin panels kept to a minimum. Combined with durable linings and knee protection, this makes a freedive suit overall more dependable than most so you can get in the water quicker without worry.


A combination of 3mm neoprene on core areas and 2mm in considered spaces, enables this suit to achieve maximum flexibility without sacrificing its thermal properties. The Smoothskin panels on the shoulders and sides of the legs give even more stretch to these areas of the body, letting you move without difficulty through the water.


You’ll find Glideskin panels on the outside of the garment. Glideskin has a hydrophilic coating on top of the smooth surface. The coating applied to the Glideskin makes it easy to glide through the water due to low friction.


The panels on the inside of the RF1 suit at the ankle, wrist and neck seals are made with Smoothskin. Smoothskin has no coating and takes on a ‘sticky’ property once wet, creating a great seal between itself and the diver’s skin.

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